WhatsApp – Direct dialogue with your customer


With a constantly increasing number of users, now already one billion, it is the most popular instant messenger worldwide. In addition to that, WhatsApp has an extremely high conversion rate of read messages.

Cost Optimization

Using WhatsApp brings you effective savings every day. In comparison to a text message (SMS), your costs can be reduced by 90%.


Get directly in touch with your customers and specifically use the chat function to send individual messages. There is no better way to direct and personal communicate with your customers.


WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, images, videos and also voice messages. There are so many ways for using these functions to make your customer support easier and more effective. For example, sending a video can give your customer a fast solution for his problem.

WhatsApp has changed our communication.

Smartphones have a major impact on our social life.
They connect people in real time, all the time, anywhere in the world.

Modern customer communication –
flexible and straightforward

Take advantage of the unique potential of the most popular messenger.

Similar to a SMS, you can send a message via WhatsApp to everyone in your contact list. Unlike SMS the length of a message is not limited to 160 characters only. In addition, you can attach photos or videos and set up group chats. Messages are delivered quickly and there are no unwanted advertising banners.
With our platform, we enable you to meet the individual requirements of your partners.


  • Simple and fast transmission
  • Dialogue and emotional brand experience
  • Particularly suitable for individual messaging

  • Broadcast

  • Easy registration and deregistration
  • Sender can reach a wide target group
  • Particularly suitable for bulk messaging, subscription or newsletter

  • Response Channel

  • Gives your customers the opportunity to respond
  • The best solution for a One-to-One chat
  • Suitable for customer service

  • Examples? Here You Go!

    Make the most of this unique chance to present your company as an efficient, competent and innovative partner.
    It begins with communication.


    Individual messages for every customer

    Order confirmations
    Pick-up order
    Appointment reminders
    Birthday greetings
    Mobile TAN


    Sending messages to multiple recipients

    Employee information
    Cross selling offer

    Response Channel

    Direct feedback from your customer

    Customer service
    Interactive applications



    WhatsApp is installed on more than 91% of German smartphones.



    WhatsApp users are fast. More than 69% read a message and reply to it in less than 2 minutes.



    70% of the WhatsApp users check their account daily.



    Over 75% of the user prefer being contacted by the Customer Service of a company via Social Media.

    What Do You Get?

    We will provide the best solution for your individual need and help you to implement it in an innovative way.


    We offer a high quality interface for an individual Customer Service.


    This Is your benefit.

    Using WhatsApp for your business will change your customer service. The fast and simple communication via instant messaging helps you to get in contact directly. Your benefit: happy customers and a positive image. And at the same time you will save time and money.


    Let’s start a new way of business communication.

    Message Mobile will create a WhatsApp account for you and provide a platform to realize your WhatsApp communication. For sending and receiving messages you can use your own systems, e.g. Email, CRM-Tool or Call-Center-Software. We convert your message into a WhatsApp-message and send it to your customer. Your customer can answer directly via WhatsApp.

    Your Customers.

    They just enjoy the communication in their favorite messenger.

    Your customers already use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends. To get in touch with you they do not have to change their habits. They just send their message to your company’s WhatsApp account. This is highly convenient for them and very efficient for you. Direct contact is always ensured.

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